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Else Passarella is a hydraulic gangway system which is located to the left or right side of the yacht. We are using 316L stainless steel for this system because 316L has a more strength than aluminum and also not making any kind of chemical reaction with sea water. Else Pasarella can make forward and backward movement and also making 20 degrees angular movement up and down. To forward and backwars, system using a timing belt, With this timing belt system can forward and bacward any dimension you want. To making angular movement, system has a two hydraulic cylinder. System has also have a hydraulic power pack which is located inside of the yacht, With this power pack cylinders has getting enough power to lifting the gangway. In the gangway side, if you want to extend the gangway lenght, we are using the one more hydraulic cyinder to increase the length. With this system, you can reach the pier way more easy. And also you dont need to get your yacht to getting closer to the pier, with this opportunity you can avoid the any kind of crash between pier and aft side of the yacht.

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