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Product Description

The ELSE Eagle MKI tactical UAV System was designed, developed, and manufactured by a staff that has many years of experience in design, manufacturing, maintenance, and operation (military and civilian missions) of different kind of UAV systems from small hand launched UAVs to subsonic jet UAV’s.

Despite its small size, ELSE Eagle MKI has all the characteristics of a sophisticated big UAV systems and cannot be categorized in the class of so-called Drones, FPV’s etc.

The Eagle flight control system makes it a fully autonomous UAV from takeoff, real time or pre-programmed flight with thousands of targets saved in its memory, possibility to operate it out of controllable range, over the horizon and back to autonomous landing.

It should be noted first that the Eagle MKI System can be operated and maintained by a crew of two people, both taking part in the operation and maintenance activities.

The Eagle MKI can take off with a simple bungee launcher and land by parachute or autonomous wheeled takeoff and landing on a strait road of 50 meter.

A day, low light camera payload is an integral part of the UAV.

Technical Specifications

Data Metric Imperial Remarks
Maximum TOW (Take-off weight) 24 Kg 53 lbs. Including 7 kg payload
Standard TOW 21 Kg 46 lbs. Including 3 kg payload
Engine 1.8 KW 2.4 HP ISA
Fuel maximum 6 liters 1.6 Gallon US
Cruise speed 24 m/s 54 miles/h 47 Knots
Maximum speed 34 m/s 76 miles/h 66 knots
Endurance (cruise) 5 hours 5 hours With reserve
Altitude (maximum) 3050 meters 10,000 feet ISA
Controllable radius of operation 50 Km 31 miles With actual radio links
Radius of operation 174 Km 108 miles Preprogrammed flight

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