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Else Sealed Door is a hydraulic door system which making at least 50 degrees angular movement in the selected location of the yacht . Sealed door material is choosen aluminum because aluminum has a less density than any kind of steel , with this opportunity system can move with less power than any kind of steel and also weight of the system is less than steel.

Aluminum can also not making any kind of chemical reactions with sea water . To get angular movement , system has a two hydraulic cylinder which are located to the near of the system wall . System has also have a hydraulic power pack which is located inside of the yacht , With this power pack cylinders has getting enough power to lifting the door . With this system you can seperate the electric unit , hydraulic unit etc . and aft side of the yacht . In the inside of the door system , we are using gasget to provide sealing of the system . With this gasget system you dont see even a water drop inside of the door.

Hydraulic cylinder is choosen for a dimension of the door . Sealed door can make between 50 and 90 degrees angular movement . System has a two hydraulic locks , which can provide to not open system spontaneusly in close position

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